A Guideline For Considering The Use Of A Chiropractor

A Guideline For Considering The Use Of A Chiropractor

I’m not sure what happened, but for some reason I wasn’t able to walk without feeling this intense pain in my lower back. It all happened about six months ago; just before I was due to sit my final exams. I’m presently studying my masters in Geology, and I’ll admit I’m not particularly confident about this; so when the pain began it added even a greater amount of stress to my already stressful life.

The pain began when I was walking to the kitchen to prepare the evening meal. I had just finished an afternoon of studying, when all of a sudden I felt this stab and was immobilized. I hobbled over to the bed and just lay there crying until my husband came home. He immediately called the ambulance and we went to the A&E.

I felt ridiculous crying in this ward with a heat pack on my back, while people around me had broken arms and open wounds. When I finally saw a doctor he sighed, gave me pain medication and said I should go to my GP the next day. The following day my GP did the same thing: he sighed, gave me pain medication and told me to consider the fact that this may be psychosomatic.

Frustrated and furious that a medical professional was brushing this ailment off as psychosomatic, I began to look for alternative treatments – traditional means obviously wasn’t helping! I looked for the best chiropractic care I could find. I’d heard that this type of treatment specializes in lower back pain and at this point, I was desperate.

My husband, being a mental health professional, thought we should do some research before seeing a chiropractor and examine what they really do. When looking online we found that these individuals don’t just click something into place and everything’s better – like in the movies. The chiropractor treats people with all types of neuromusculoskeletal difficulties through a manipulation of vertebrae.

In fact, we also discovered that some Syracuse sports chiropractors integrate other treatments into their therapy to ensure complete success. For example, a chiropractor may recommend exercise and massage as well as chiropractic spinal adjustment. These chiropractors are known as the ‘mixers’.

Eager to undergo this type of holistic and alternative therapy, I found a chiropractor with the correct qualifications and in our area. I discovered that it is essential a chiropractor have specific qualifications in order to register and practice as a chiropractor. These include a state license and Doctor of Chiropractic degree.

When sitting in the waiting room of my chosen chiropractor I began thinking about the possibility that this was a psychosomatic pain. I seemed to only feel the stab when we discussed my upcoming exams or anything related to my studies. However, I was at the doctors rooms and would see the chiropractor irrespective of whether or not this was a ‘real’ difficulty.

In the end, it turned out to be a ‘real’ medical condition. It seemed I had pulled a muscle in my lower back and the thought that my pain was psychosomatic was the cause of my concern that it may be psychosomatic – the brain is a funny thing. After seeing a chiropractor I was soon back to my old self, and I passed the exams with flying colors.