The Large Projection Screens Provide Users With A Stimulating Experience, Capturing Their View And Attention And Engaging Them With Skillful Instruction Synchronized To Details Within The Immersive Content Around Them.

May 21, 2017

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That’s the appeal of the innovative exercise partnership between Balance Fitness and Surround Fit & Wellness, the first of its kind in Southeastern Wisconsin. The latter’s combination of high-resolution content and custom visualization systems virtually take participants beyond the former’s Whitefish Bay location, offering a unique and absorbing way to workout. The large projection screens provide users with a stimulating experience, capturing their view and attention and engaging them with skillful instruction synchronized to details within the immersive content around them. On Wednesday, Balance Fitness will host a free event, open to the public, to kick off its partnership with Surround Fit & Wellness , providing classes, prizes and refreshments to introduce the equipment and approach. The event will feature a variety of fitness and wellness classes every hour from 6:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., including cardio kickboxing, cycling, kids yoga, meditation, Latin dance, tai chi and yoga. So, what, exactly, is this new fitness experience? Essentially, it is a system of cross-functional training equipment and large projection surfaces that display high-resolution content consisting of striking visual images and virtual instruction, more fully engaging users and providing a deep sense of immersion. It stops short of virtual reality – there are no headsets and it’s not really interactive; while the content and instruction is customizable, it’s created and filmed in advance – but offers convenience and stimulation that regular exercise classes do not.

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